Why is European staple food not rice like Asians?

The subtropical climates of Europe and the US affect the staple foods they eat every day. Rice is not suitable for growing in subtropical climates. However, crops that are suitable for growing include wheat, corn and potatoes.

Wheat is one of the staple foods of Europeans

Processed wheat will usually become bread, pasta and other cereals. Therefore, the staple food of Europeans and Americans is wheat. Just like rice, wheat also has a high carbohydrate content.

Another staple food is potatoes. The geographical location of Europe makes it possible to produce potatoes on their farms. The taste of potatoes is also quite savory and sweet and can be combined with vegetables and other protein sources.

In addition, vegetables and meats are also a staple food category for Europeans and Americans. Unlike Indonesia, vegetables and meats can be eaten without the need for rice. One example is a steak that contains only meat and vegetables such as carrots and corn on the side.

Not only that, corn is also commonly processed as a staple food for the people of Europe and the US. This great source of carbohydrates can grow in a variety of climates.